Debra Adelson

Artist Statement:

I am a formally trained jeweler who graduated from art school before "carbon footprint" and "climate change" were terms used in our everyday vernacular. For more than a decade, I incorporated plastics in my work as a way to add color. With the shift in the current global conversation, I decided my only option was to reinvent myself. I began a quest to find a more sustainable material. Through years of experimentation, I have developed my own modified cold-working techniques. I sculpt glass that I make from a mix of new and upcycled materials. I create richly colorful and opalescent pieces that narratively explore environmental issues while blurring the lines between natural and manmade elements. I laminate sheets of glass to create the color I desire. I sculpt it while it remains at room temperature using a mix of traditional glass and lapidary, including laminating, grinding, drilling, cutting, sanding, and stone-wheel engraving. I do not use any molds.

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